Ipe Reston

If your looking for deck boards you've no doubt heard of ipe decking. Maybe you've heard that it's a very hard wood that looks spectacular and that rarely has a knot. Perhaps you've heard that ipe deck boards can last 75 years or more without being treated. You've probably heard that it's the strongest wood commonly used for decking. All of these things are true.

Yes, ipe is beautiful, long lasting and strong. But did you know that ipe decking is also economical? did you know that ipe decking is resistant to wood eating insects, fungus, rot, and even fire?

How can untreated natural wood boast all these features that man-made decking can't even touch? Ipe's success lies in two key characteristics: its density and the naturally occurring oils that impregnate the wood. Ipe can stand up[ to these insects - photoThese factors help the tree to survive the harsh conditions of the Brazilian rainforest. If you thinks there's a lot of insects and moisture in Fairfax county, just take a look at what lurks in the South American jungles, for instance the Metallic Wood Boring Beetle of Brazil.

Here's a break down of the features of Ipe Decking and some of the weaknesses of other decking materials: